Welcome to my author home. I write stories that poke fun at familiar tropes and feature sports, adventure, romance and memorable people in interesting predicaments. They wind up in far-flung, offbeat places where they are pushed to exceed expectations, and often end up surprising themselves.

From South Maui to South Bend, please join me as I mix action with unusual characters—including animals—in Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan and other places in ways that can transform the everyday and familiar into dynamic and fun.

My first book also uses a backdrop of sports culture that most will find interesting and humorous. Readers will also enjoy hearing about ostriches after being introduced to a bird named Boris.  You may be surprised to hear there are hundreds of ostrich farms in the U.S. Demand stems from the fact that ostrich is the healthiest of red meats and due to the bird’s flamboyant plumage, prized as embellishments for hats in centuries past. Find out more in The Good Samaritan Society of South Bend and meet the wily Boris and his pet retriever.

If you like coming-of-age stories, you are bound to enjoy reading how a surfer slacker endures a makeover by a belligerent ex-NFL coach and falls for his daughter and family, gaining self-reliance and sense of purpose in the process.

This space will keep you updated on my books and the topics they explore. I’d love to hear from people who remember the names Kelly Slater, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Detroit’s Barry Sanders—not to mention the one and only Lou Holtz of Notre Dame University, all of which appear in The Good Samaritan Society of South Bend.

My current work in progress is about a young woman coming of age as an outsider in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – the Newport of the Midwest. She grows up to explore the mysterious depths of the Great Lakes, the final resting place for hundreds of shipwrecks. Think of the tale as True Grit meets Jacques Cousteau as it follows one of the youngest female tugboat captains ever to pilot.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today. I look forward to entertaining you with my stories and novels.

Carol E. Bari 

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