I grew up in a sports-oriented family that spawned college and NFL players and coaches—and me—a writer incorporating some of their stories into mine.

From New York to L.A. to San Francisco and Chicago with stops in Michigan and Oklahoma, my professional advertising, marketing and PR career covered a lot of ground. And a lot of writing, from award-winning ad campaigns to blogs to truckloads of press releases and articles for outlets as wide-ranging as The Wall Street Journal, Plumbing and Mechanical or Times of India. After all that, if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that a smile and a laugh are universal. 

Complementing academic degrees in English and Journalism from Western Illinois, I study writing with faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck memorial get-togethers. Memberships include Wisconsin Writer’s Association, the Authors Guild, and SCBWI and RWA (past.)

With one novel awaiting publication, a second underway, and nonfiction book proposals in development —I’m knee-deep in projects and other “matter” associated with tale-telling. Speaking of which . . .you will find me treading the links as much as I can, often in defiance of weather or scorecards. I live in Milwaukee with an ornery husband and black Lab named Mo mooching at every turn. The dog, that is.


The Book

The Good Samaritan Society of South Bend

Novel Summary

The question: How can a teenage surf bum be transformed into an elite college football stud?

The answer: 18-year-old JORDANN may be a Maui slacker but he does have athleticism and guts to survive surfing in the dangerous Impact Zone.

Which gets the attention of an ex-NFL coach who initially mistakes Jordann for a nitwit or juvenile delinquent instead of a kid with lax upbringing and dead or deadbeat family members.

Dreaming bigger than he has the knack or money for.

A cross between Mr. Miyagi and Bill Belichick, the coach in five weeks will transform 1998’s biggest slacker into a Blue Chip competing for a scholarship at Notre Dame’s summer football camp.

And if coach’s extreme methods don’t motivate Jordann, then coach’s extremely luscious daughter will.

If you are a friend or family member of one of eight million high school athletes or have been one yourself, The Good Samaritan Society of South Bend will inspire and appeal to you. The same could be said of 100,000 plus Notre Dame alums.

The Last Will and Testament

As the story opens, four distant relatives come together for the will reading of a pair of DIY-ers who meet their demise after their HVAC skills prove less than their creativity. It isn’t just the antiquated remainderman clause in their will that stirs things up–it’s the pair of identical black cats that comprise one special behest, among others.

The Super Bowl Ring

The story’s Super Bowl ring is as valuable as one year’s tuition at an elite college. Possibly more if you can find an honest person or establishment to buy it.  The coach who won it had no such plan, but that doesn’t prevent it from being swiped.

The Setting: Notre Dame, Indiana

When you journey to the Mainland with the story, you will spend time at Notre Dame, which has its own postmark for the campus and stadium, where the Touchdown Jesus mural is visible on the library.  At 134 feet tall and covering the side of the 13-story tower, it’s an intimidating spectacle to a young man who feels like a poser just being there. The story takes him into nearby Amish country next. Come along for the ride.